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Amanda's love of photography began at an early age growing up with a darkroom in the laundry. Til this day, she can still print images better than she can wash clothes! The passion continued to grow, as did she, combined with her love for the amazing world we live in. This developed through her unique landscape images.

During her studies and working in the theatre industry she honed her lighting skills and interest in working with people. After completing her studies in photography she became involved in the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, and has since been recognised as a Master of Photography. Amanda has been awarded as the AIPP Queensland Landscape Photographer of the Year in 2001, and runner up AIPP Queensland Photographic Artist of the Year in 2003.

This has brought her full circle back to where it all began. Standing in the darkroom, with her Mum, printing wedding photos. Okay... so take out the darkroom, and her Mum, and she's nearly back where it began. With the enormous changes in photography since her Mum began shooting wedding in 1957, the equipment and style of images is vastly different, however the early grounding she received has been invaluable in her progression as a photographer.